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Should I be concerned about indoor air quality?

  • According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), our exposure to air pollutants is significantly higher when indoors as opposed to outdoors. Our services and products improve air quality in your home or business that have a direct effect on your well-being

Is it necessary to replace my existing heating or air conditioning system?

  • Our professional technicians provide trustworthy assessments and repair for your HVAC systems and provide recommendations if you are considering a new installation. Today's systems are as much as 60% more efficient than those manufactured even just 10 years ago. If your energy bills have risen or if the required repairs to your current system are extensive, a new unit may offer a better return on your investment.

Where can I get replacement parts for my HVAC systems?

  • Contact us at (678) 673-4845 for help with obtaining almost any brand name manufactured parts for your heating and cooling systems.

How do I select the right heating/cooling system?

  • We will provide you with an energy-efficient operating system to fit your particular needs and budget. Are allergies a primary concern? Eliminating uneven temperatures from room to room? Will savings from a new system offset the cost of a new unit? Call us at (678) 673-4845 for answers.

How long does an Infinite Heating & Cooling air conditioner or furnace last?

  • With regular preventative maintenance and a professional installation, industry averages suggest that an air conditioning system will last for approximately 15 years and a furnace for about 25 years.

What is covered in my warranty?

  • Our products come with a manufacturer’s written warranty on parts and our own limited lifetime parts and labor warranty. Call our Newnan location to review the warranty periods for the products you are interested in.


I recently had to replace an aging air condition and furnace. Infinite Heating and Cooling did an impeccable job.
Dos - Contact Infinite Heating and Cooling Listen to their recommendations Count on them to be where they say, when they say
Don'ts - Spend a whole lot of time with other "well known" dealers in the business.
These folks will do you right.

I contacted Infinite Heating and Cooling two weeks ago to service an aging unit I have. They performed the service as I asked. I also requested an estimate and possible installation date to replace the unit. Mr. Geter provided a detail estimate of what was required and scheduled a date for the installation.
All expectations for this installation were exceeded. They called to remind me of their arrival time, came when they said and completed the installation within the price initially quoted. Great experience!

Review by: E. Robertson

​Work Description: Installation of Heating and Cooling System

Comments: After having several service technicians service my heating and cooling systems, I have found that Robert (Mr. Geter) by far has excelled all others in meeting this customer’s needs. He installed a complete cooling/heating system in my home. He arrived when he said he would. He protected my carpets by wearing shoe coverings. He was clear, concise and courteous in all his dealings and I have great respect for this Heating and Cooling Professional and highly recommend him without reservation to anyone seeking a service/installation/maintenance of their heating and cooling system. Mr. Timothy H. McCrary

Review by: T. H. M.

​Great job Infinite Heating & Cooling! My heating system went out on me and I didn't know who I could call or trust to come out and repair my heating system. I went online and searched Hvac contractors and looked at a number of websites. Finally I came across Infinite Heating & Cooling's website and I don't know what it was about this website but it just felt like it was the right place to be. I called Infinite Heating & Cooling, Mr. Geter came out to my house and diagnose my problem, gave me professional advice in regards to what was going on with my heating system. To make a long story short, the system had a leak and it was old and needed to be replaced. Mr. Geter gave me a quote for replacing my system. I also received two other quotes from two local Hvac contractors around the Newnan area but they could not compare with Infinite Heating and Cooling's quote. After deciding to let Infinite Heating & Cooling replace my heating and cooling system, they came out and installed me a new heat pump system and when they were done with the installation, you couldn't even tell that they were ever here. They were very professional, prompt, neat and cleaned up behind themselves. I will be telling everyone I know about my awesome experience with this company! Thanks a lot Infinite Heating & Cooling!!!!

Review by: Shirley T.

Work Description: Robert replaced a furnace, coil and a/c.

Comments: He did an excellent job and he knows what he is doing. Robert worked clean and is an honest man. I am very satisfied with his work.

Review by: C. S. . .

Robert has been our sole HVAC service provider for several years. He's extremely knowledgeable and experienced... He's punctual (and that's a big one), provides very good product at a fair price, and is a great communicator. If you have questions, Robert will take time to make sure you understand exactly what it is that you're paying for and why. We've been very happy with Robert and will absolutely continue to have him service our HVAC systems... and we also keep him on speed dial just in case something unexpectedly fails or goes wrong.

Robert has bailed us out of a hot house due to equipment failure on 2 occasions over the last several years. Both times, we were totally prepared for the words, "You need a new unit" as the systems were almost 10 years old. We never heard those words in either situation.

Robert was dead honest with us on what components had failed and needed to be replaced. He could have easily said, 'it's burned up... you need a new one' and we'd never known the difference. That's not how he rolls. He made only the needed repairs, and we were back in business. Mama was cool again (which means she was happy... and you know what that does for the rest of the house!)

Highly recommend Robert and his crew at Infinite Heating & Cooling!

Review by: Joe C.

I'm so glad I found Infinite Heating & Cooling. Three years ago, Mr. Geter made exactly the right recommendation of HVAC system for my home, gave me a good price, and then got the job done cleanly and quickly. I don't have to worry about remembering dates because, since then, he's kept me on track with filter changes, advice on appropriate settings for best results, etc. He is always courteous and on time. I trust his work absolutely and can't imagine a better experience

Review by Alice D.

Highly Recommend Infinite Heating & Cooling

"Very honest, professional, was on time for my scheduled appointment to replace my a.c. unit. Exercised care when coming into my home used shoe covers. I would most definitely recommend Infinite for your Heating or Cooling needs."

Review by Leslie M.

Robert was awesome. He showed up on time and quickly diagnosed my issue then fixed it. The cost was less than I expected. I will definitely use Infinity for my future HVAC needs.

Review by Thomas B.